Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wishful Thinking

No one has ever explained to me how blogging works, or even really what it is. Finding this blogsite is just the fruits of Google, the all-powerful search engine that I despise using. Too bad no other search engines compare, except Blackle, but that hardly counts.

My life? Not all that interesting to me.

Today was pretty normal. My dad decided it was finally time to take down the artificial Christmas Tree we've had on our back deck since before Christmas. I've been pushing for it to be left up year-round, but my parents disagree. There are times I really appreciate my neighbors though; one said when asked, "I think you should leave it up year-round." Either that's Christmas spirit or sheer laziness.

I prefer to think it's the belated Holiday Spirit myself, but that's just wishful thinking.

That tangent got me wondering - what is wishful thinking? Is it a mindset where you wish something impossible had or will happen, or is it just positive realism? I'm leaning towards positive realism simply because few people even think of the impossible anymore. When someone wishes for the impossible, either someone gives them a weird look, or someone says, "Wait five years and science will do it." Where's the creativity in life if everything is possible now?

Then again, I'm not exactly a normal person. Personally, wishful thinking seems to be hoping the impossible did or would happen. It seems impossible for me to have Christmas Spirit, so it's wishful thinking that that's why I didn't want the tree taken down. Perhaps it was possible for my neighbor though.

Along with the impossible, I think it's impossible for me to stop my internet addiction. If you have the time to read my blog, I'm sorry to say you're most likely addicted to the internet as well. Lets see ... I play gaming sites, read manga, watch anime, take care of adoptables, and now blog. Not to mention I was bored yesterday and reorganized all three of my email accounts (new layouts, themes, fuller contact details, etc .. At least they look pretty now!)

I'm not sure what I'm trying to accomplish by blogging, but maybe this is just another anchor for me not to leave the internet. Or maybe I just thinking blogging is fun :)


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