Monday, March 29, 2010

School: Peace, Sushi, Imagination, Cooking, and Google

I don't see why everyone says Monday's are the worst day of the week. Oh wait, yes I do.

Some of us have no knack for languages outside the one we grew up with, meaning my French class went rather horribly today as we worked in the exercise book. Conjugating -IR verbs is so infuriating, along with knowing their meaning. Sign language is the way of the future. Then again, I think my favorite language is one where you could talk in pictures, like spout images from your mouth or something; that's a bit of a creepy image though.

Slam poetry is kind of fun though. It's our current topic in Writing Through Literature, but I wasn't sure I'd like it at first; being quite isn't a good mix for performance poetry. After writing out an individual piece Friday, I'm kind of looking forward to performing it now. Today I started on a group piece with my friend Emma, and our topic is FOOD! A universal communication method. We're basically comparing "American" foods with foods "exotic" to America, e.g. pizza vs. sushi (I don't like sushi much x.>). Sushi pizza, anyone?

Who likes Math class!? Me, me! Oh wait, that was ... true. I actually do like math class. Sadly, today my teacher wasn't there, and I had to make up a quiz I missed last Thursday. That quiz was the lowest grade I've ever gotten on a quiz in that class. I didn't even have time to finish it. Before you math geniuses think I could have finished it, I know where you're coming from since I thought that way when listening to my friends Friday, but honestly? Get real. You couldn't. It was just too long. Oh the joys of imaginary numbers and factoring in the span of 50-something minutes.

A rousing debate on the concepts of food in a society: what a great way to end the day! Yet again, get real. Thanks to my lack of participation in the last debate, my teacher called on me to start the debate today with some sort of question. Low and behold, I actually participated one other time during that class though. My comment was, "Cooking is a way of life." Or something to that extent (most likely in prettier terms). I'm proud of my one little non-forced comment, aren't you?

Now I see why people like blogging: It's so relaxing to vent about all the frustrations in school and then Google the most random phrases of said paragraph to get a ridiculous image.

Thank you Google for making my day better!

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