Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Holidays and Gummy Bears

Spring break is places at a great time of year. I really needed to be off of school for a while.

So on Friday, first day of break for me, my parents and I headed to Myrtle's Inlet to see my grandparents and stayed until Monday. Went out to eat, church on Sunday, watched Butler and Duke win (their game's on t.v. right now) and all that fun stuff. But overall, my holiday has so far consisted of one thing:

Gummi bears. Store brand, gummy worms, sour patch kids, skittles, starburst, dots, swedish fish, gushers, you name it. My grandma and I got into this debate about what was the best chewy edible food - she says gummi bears, I say gummy worms. As I was leaving my grandparent's house, my grandma gave me these two mini-boxes of gummy bears from some really good company saying they were the best she's ever had. I opened them when I got home, and she was right. They were good.

These are the store-brand gummies - they make good reading buddies!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stoopid Allergies

Well, it's that time of year again. And no, I don't mean "spring" time when love is in the air . . . I mean "spring" time when pollen is in the air.

Today started off with nonstop sneezing and it just wouldn't.go.away. I ended up taking allergy medicine that stopped the sneezing, but clogged up my nose so that my eyes were watery all day. Don't you just love side-effects? I know I love this medicine wearing off and having to keep one of those 3x7x4 inches-ish boxes of tissues sitting in front of me.

But you know, the best part about being allergy-inflicted is that I discovered something new that I like: English Breakfast Tea. It's not very strong, and reminds me a lot of the tea that you get served in Chinese restaurants (which I love). Anyone else a fan of tea?

Ah, it looks so yummy. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Chamber of Secrets and Credit Cards

That - that right there? That's my hero. Neville Longbottom, a.k.a. best wizard at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

In case you haven't guessed yet, I've been watching a Harry Potter movie today. (: More specifically, The Chamber of Secrets. As I'm typing this, Neville's getting hooked on a dinosaurs skeleton hanging from the ceiling of Lockheart's classroom - perfect timing or what?

"Why's it always me?"

Why, Neville, who else could it be? You come back and save everyone's life in the seventh book, so you deserve to be a little dorky when you're a first and second year. Besides, it wouldn't be nearly as funny if, say, Hermione had been hooked up on that dinosaur's skeleton. She'd just scream some spell at the pixies and make them all vanish in miniature balls of fire or something. Boring.

Now, the other part of this post's title: Credit cards. What the heck to the Chamber of Secrets and credit cards have to do with each other? Some of you can see where this is going. ;)

In Economics class lately, we've been studying how to use a credit card responsibly, not fall into insane debt, etc etc. So I was thinking: Would it be irresponsible to buy the Chamber of Secrets using my credit card? It wouldn't put me in THAT much debt. Unless a living basilisk came with it. But if a basilisk did come with my new Chamber of Secrets, it'd be completely worth it.

What a great birthday gift idea! *adds to birthday list*

It'd have an interesting disclaimer ...

Brand new Chamber of Secrets! Buy yours for only $100,000 today! Complete with own Basilisk, but action figures not included.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Perusing Blogs

While being incredibly bored (and maybe avoiding homework), I decided to click that "Next Blog" button at the top of the page.

At first, the blogs all seemed different, completely random, and I read through some of them. Then they got incredibly similar. The topic of similar interest? Poker.

I really want to play a game of poker right now and bet Oreos so I can win some dessert.

I've made my bet. Have you made yours?

School: Peace, Sushi, Imagination, Cooking, and Google

I don't see why everyone says Monday's are the worst day of the week. Oh wait, yes I do.

Some of us have no knack for languages outside the one we grew up with, meaning my French class went rather horribly today as we worked in the exercise book. Conjugating -IR verbs is so infuriating, along with knowing their meaning. Sign language is the way of the future. Then again, I think my favorite language is one where you could talk in pictures, like spout images from your mouth or something; that's a bit of a creepy image though.

Slam poetry is kind of fun though. It's our current topic in Writing Through Literature, but I wasn't sure I'd like it at first; being quite isn't a good mix for performance poetry. After writing out an individual piece Friday, I'm kind of looking forward to performing it now. Today I started on a group piece with my friend Emma, and our topic is FOOD! A universal communication method. We're basically comparing "American" foods with foods "exotic" to America, e.g. pizza vs. sushi (I don't like sushi much x.>). Sushi pizza, anyone?

Who likes Math class!? Me, me! Oh wait, that was ... true. I actually do like math class. Sadly, today my teacher wasn't there, and I had to make up a quiz I missed last Thursday. That quiz was the lowest grade I've ever gotten on a quiz in that class. I didn't even have time to finish it. Before you math geniuses think I could have finished it, I know where you're coming from since I thought that way when listening to my friends Friday, but honestly? Get real. You couldn't. It was just too long. Oh the joys of imaginary numbers and factoring in the span of 50-something minutes.

A rousing debate on the concepts of food in a society: what a great way to end the day! Yet again, get real. Thanks to my lack of participation in the last debate, my teacher called on me to start the debate today with some sort of question. Low and behold, I actually participated one other time during that class though. My comment was, "Cooking is a way of life." Or something to that extent (most likely in prettier terms). I'm proud of my one little non-forced comment, aren't you?

Now I see why people like blogging: It's so relaxing to vent about all the frustrations in school and then Google the most random phrases of said paragraph to get a ridiculous image.

Thank you Google for making my day better!

Not So Sleepy Trails and Tails

Last night was perfect - a storm was outside, so there was plenty of fill-the-sky lightning and shake-the-house thunder (the rain was, sadly, sporadic). Usually this means it's extremely easy to get to sleep, except ... something kept tapping. I don't know if it was water or even a woodpecker, but it wouldn't stop tapping. I ended up going to sleep over an hour later than usual and waking up about an hour earlier. Talk about a depressing lack of sleep all thanks to some annoying tapping.

The good part about waking up an hour earlier is that my cat came in my room. I have four cats: Misty, Tom, Buffy, and Smudge. Smudge is the cat who'd go up to a burglar asking for attention. '>.> At 6 AM, the awful time I woke up, she came in my room, got under the covers, stretched out, and started purring. I ended up going back to sleep for another 40 minutes or so, but who could resist petting Smudge in all her cuteness?

If I could find a decent picture, I'd post one of my four kitties, but I can't find the one I think is perfect. :( Ah well, the one of Smudge I put in is still adorable. <3

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Over these past few weeks, there have been several instances where my Southern status has been increasingly apparent.

First, a background story. My parents and I were traveling to Virginia when our car, a minivan, broke down. We ended up having to rent a car, and due to the amount of stuff we had, we got a Dodge Ram. While on the highway in these nearly-monster truck, we got caught up in a bunch of other trucks traveling the same way ... pulling race-car trailers. I'm usually not one to make a fuss about what car I'm in as long as it goes, but riding down the highway next to a similar truck pulling a race-car trailer, I felt extremely southern.

Moving on. For the past few weeks, we've been having very cultural foods. We've had Chinese, Mexican, Greek, etc dishes. A few nights ago, my mom came in the door saying she had dinner. When we asked what she bought, she said she'd had a craving for fried chicken, and also picked up macaroni and cheese to go with it. A few years back, my dad had told me, "Fried chicken and macaroni and cheese are the foods of the South." This time I wasn't complaining, but I did feel my southern-ness showing through.

The last bit of southernness comes from a story I read online. The story was a humorous one, actually based on Japanese culture. But at one point in the story, a character was talking to an overweight priest who had gone bad, and said, "Man you need some Jesus Christ and Jenny Craig!" That alone is extraordinarily funny to me, but the sad part? I was thinking, this would fit right in here in North Carolina. Ah, the amusing things you find on the internet.

Well, those are my Southern stories of the day (the last one's more just plain funny than Southern, though).

Wishful Thinking

No one has ever explained to me how blogging works, or even really what it is. Finding this blogsite is just the fruits of Google, the all-powerful search engine that I despise using. Too bad no other search engines compare, except Blackle, but that hardly counts.

My life? Not all that interesting to me.

Today was pretty normal. My dad decided it was finally time to take down the artificial Christmas Tree we've had on our back deck since before Christmas. I've been pushing for it to be left up year-round, but my parents disagree. There are times I really appreciate my neighbors though; one said when asked, "I think you should leave it up year-round." Either that's Christmas spirit or sheer laziness.

I prefer to think it's the belated Holiday Spirit myself, but that's just wishful thinking.

That tangent got me wondering - what is wishful thinking? Is it a mindset where you wish something impossible had or will happen, or is it just positive realism? I'm leaning towards positive realism simply because few people even think of the impossible anymore. When someone wishes for the impossible, either someone gives them a weird look, or someone says, "Wait five years and science will do it." Where's the creativity in life if everything is possible now?

Then again, I'm not exactly a normal person. Personally, wishful thinking seems to be hoping the impossible did or would happen. It seems impossible for me to have Christmas Spirit, so it's wishful thinking that that's why I didn't want the tree taken down. Perhaps it was possible for my neighbor though.

Along with the impossible, I think it's impossible for me to stop my internet addiction. If you have the time to read my blog, I'm sorry to say you're most likely addicted to the internet as well. Lets see ... I play gaming sites, read manga, watch anime, take care of adoptables, and now blog. Not to mention I was bored yesterday and reorganized all three of my email accounts (new layouts, themes, fuller contact details, etc .. At least they look pretty now!)

I'm not sure what I'm trying to accomplish by blogging, but maybe this is just another anchor for me not to leave the internet. Or maybe I just thinking blogging is fun :)