Monday, March 29, 2010

Not So Sleepy Trails and Tails

Last night was perfect - a storm was outside, so there was plenty of fill-the-sky lightning and shake-the-house thunder (the rain was, sadly, sporadic). Usually this means it's extremely easy to get to sleep, except ... something kept tapping. I don't know if it was water or even a woodpecker, but it wouldn't stop tapping. I ended up going to sleep over an hour later than usual and waking up about an hour earlier. Talk about a depressing lack of sleep all thanks to some annoying tapping.

The good part about waking up an hour earlier is that my cat came in my room. I have four cats: Misty, Tom, Buffy, and Smudge. Smudge is the cat who'd go up to a burglar asking for attention. '>.> At 6 AM, the awful time I woke up, she came in my room, got under the covers, stretched out, and started purring. I ended up going back to sleep for another 40 minutes or so, but who could resist petting Smudge in all her cuteness?

If I could find a decent picture, I'd post one of my four kitties, but I can't find the one I think is perfect. :( Ah well, the one of Smudge I put in is still adorable. <3

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